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Epic Journeys, Therese BrownDevastated by her husband's tragic death, Therese Brown slowly managed to pick up the pieces of herself and of her life so that she and her two young children could move forward. As her story unfolds, Therese feels more empowered because the spiritual support that once seemed distant becomes more personal, as she senses the loving presence of Jesus walking with her like a faithful Companion on the Journey®. His healing love is opening her to forge a connection with her own loving essence. Feeling guided to a personalised spiritual development path, she is taking responsibility for her healing and growth in a way that reinvigorates her Christian faith. This book follows one person's journey to wholeness in a way that encourages others to explore their own unique path.

Tapping into our own wise, compassionate and courageous essence, we discover the humble hero within. From this point of integrity, we are able to answer the call to heal the wounding when fear entices us into traps which limit us to a smaller sense of self. Although these traps seem to impede our journey to wholeness, we discover that there is treasure to be gleaned from them. Feeling humbled by fear we open to God's love - accepting our weakness and developing our strength.

Connected with our heart's warm, nurturing essence, humility calls us home to accept even the most fearful parts of ourselves. Like heroes, we love these parts into maturity, responding to the call to remove inner and outer fences that would force us to live within a narrow range of our truth. While acknowledging a limiting self-perception, humble heroes look honestly at fear without allowing it to limit or define us. Breathing down into our heart, we choose to act today from a place that knows we are so much more, drawn forward by an integrated, visionary view that reflects a deeper sense of our truth. We come into step with ourselves as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who accepts our fragility yet challenges us to stretch and grow when He strikes out on a steeper path. When we become aware of our capacity to create lives that go beyond perceived limitations, the Gifts for the Journey that God entrusts us with take on the appearance of a custom-designed vehicle of growth that facilitates our journey to wholeness. We are rewarded when a clearer sense of self allows us to use our life energy more consciously, as we make life choices that respond to our life experiences.

EPIC Journeys® are not perfect journeys. Instead they are vibrant, colourful and real - like a beautiful weaving that incorporates our every success, failure, tribulation, and celebration - a visual representation of all that we think, experience, hope or fear. The weaving tells the story of our EPIC Journey, our Empowered Passionate Integrated Choices woven together like beautiful threads. Darker strands represent choices driven by fear and lighter ones symbolise those brimming with love - both contribute to its splendour. A special glow emanates from threads of silver and gold, revealing those times when we are able to answer our soul's call. When the Holy Spirit fans the flames of these sacred messages conveyed to us through our soul, it is impossible to ignore them. When we weave our values, passions and most fervent desires into our lives, they become the heart that beats at the centre of our EPIC Journey.

Epic Journeys


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